South African youth in drugs and alchol

I am Gabriel Zwelithini Buthelezi from Vryhied, I was bone in 1988-01-11. I am a student at the University of KwaZulu Natal doing African music and dance degree, it my first year now in 2009. I was doing Performing art learneship at K-CAP where I got lot of reviews about our daily lives. In common to the university I still expiriance lot of things about youth in the African believe and relegios vs politics.

As a young person in South Africa I feel very upset when I see  other people of  my age getting to be adicted in drugs and alchol. With my understanding, I think they is a resaon behind that conserning our communities, churchs, cultural believes and political procedures as the main root of this topic. All of this explore the good and the bad of the living humman being as fare as sence of belonging is concened.

In our communities we must stop trying to fing the solution of something without going to the course of that particular  problem. We see young people getting into drugs and other variate bad things and start to say “nawday youth is the very upsractive genaration” and blem everything consening the genaration. But deep down in our hurth we also know that they are lot alcholic people in the community who even drink in pablic. To be strict indoing thing start by commitement in baudrise and knowing what you want. So by ssay that it goes to the point where by the futher of the childis an alcholic person coming drunk every day at home. What will be the conclution of a child in that situation? Is that child gonna be a good person in the community? 

 Our parants must stop abusing our emaginations by confusing thing. If you are a parante or old person in the community you must stop doing things like you don’t care. Every person must give his/her life baundrise: stop drink and show off in the pablic, respect the dignity of the humman being, lead by example as the member of the co0mmunity, have the maximam level of alchol in your life, know that taking drugs our alchol minimazes something in your life and try to be good all the time because young take a picture from you.

In our community churchs our parstores are often critisize all drug adicts but whitout finding the solution to that people and without knowing what happed before he/she dicide to do drugs and all of what he/she is doing. Sametime other people take  because of deep consequansise in their lives so as the pricher be a part of that person try to halp him/her do not critisise without a good valid resoan.

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